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I know a thing or two about decluttering and downsizing and I can tell you that pictures are the item that holds back my clients the most. I’ve been saying for years that there is a huge business in helping people sort through their pictures and digital memories. Well, there is, and the two people I turn to for help have written the perfect book to help you start a business doing it. Cathi Nelson & Jill Yesko are two of the most driven and giving entrepreneurs out there and they’ve given you a roadmap of how to do it successfully, ethically, and profitably. They say that this industry is a Blue Ocean and I’m glad they are the captains of our ship.

Matt Paxton

Downsizing and cleaning expert, television host, speaker, author, radio personality, and host of the award-winning television show Legacy List with Matt Paxton

Our most important stories live in our pictures and our pictures live everywhere. This insightful, helpful, no-nonsense guide will absolutely, positively help new photo organizers get up to speed and master the nuances of this profession. With a combined 50 years of photo organizing experience between them, it’s no wonder that Cathi Nelson and Jill Yesko have written a clear, complete, insightful guide to solving America’s growing photo problem

—Bill Shapiro

Former Editor-in-Chief of LIFE magazine and author of “What We Keep"

This book is a must for anybody who thinks about becoming a professional photo organizer! It’s not only a great guide for newbies but also full of valuable material for the more experienced photo managers. The numerous included downloads of practical resources such as checklists is a huge bonus and will be a great time-saver. Thanks Jill and Cathi!

—Chantal Imbach

From Photos In Order and DIY Photo Organising Podcast

An extremely helpful resource! There are a number of books on my bookshelf that I refer back to, time and time again. Books that are relevant, valuable, and practical. This book is now added to that list! A must-read for anyone embarking on, or established in, a business related to helping others organize their photos.

—Fiona McLauchlan Staff

From Photo Helper and DIY Photo Organising Podcast

There’s no better source for running a photo organizing business than Cathi Nelson. She practically has built photo organizing from a hobby to business practice. In this book, Cathi and Jill Yesko provide step-by-step actions to build a photo organizing career.

—Gary Pageau

Editor, The Dead Pixels Society


Readers' Favorite® 5-Star Review

by Byrone Peters

"A Business Roadmap for Professional Photo Organizers by Cathi Nelson and Jill B. Yesko is an asset to people who have or are thinking of starting a business in photo organizing. Cathi and Jill describe why the photo-organizing business is lucrative as it is a great opportunity. An appealing factor is the number and diversity of clients interested in hiring the services of photo organizers. Cathi and Jill cover business basics such as naming your business, trademarks and service marks, taxes, and insurance. The authors assist with formulating a business plan and best marketing strategies and cover start-up costs. In addition, you will find websites to download forms, guides, and other resources. This resource contains all the caveats and suggestions earned from years of experience.

A Business Roadmap for Professional Photo Organizers by Cathi Nelson and Jill B. Yesko is an excellent resource for people interested in photo organizing. The book is beautifully laid out, easy to follow, and has plenty of interesting quotes and real-life anecdotes. The business roadmap starts with the first-hand experiences of Cathi and Jill. Their advice and encouragement are evident from the introduction to the last pages. The clever placement of information boxes accentuates the fresh and modern-looking layout. I found the marketing strategies and the potential costs involved interesting. I also appreciated the details Cathi and Jill inserted. An example of this is the recommended columns in a spreadsheet that act as an easy bookkeeping system. The tips on the uses of your smartphone were good."

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