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I know a thing or two about decluttering and downsizing and I can tell you that pictures are the item that holds back my clients the most. I’ve been saying for years that there is a huge business in helping people sort through their pictures and digital memories. Well, there is, and the two people I turn to for help have written the perfect book to help you start a business doing it. Cathi Nelson & Jill Yesko are two of the most driven and giving entrepreneurs out there and they’ve given you a roadmap of how to do it successfully, ethically, and profitably. They say that this industry is a Blue Ocean and I’m glad they are the captains of our ship.

Matt Paxton

Downsizing and cleaning expert, television host, speaker, author, radio personality, and host of the award-winning television show Legacy List with Matt Paxton

Our most important stories live in our pictures and our pictures live everywhere. This insightful, helpful, no-nonsense guide will absolutely, positively help new photo organizers get up to speed and master the nuances of this profession. With a combined 50 years of photo organizing experience between them, it’s no wonder that Cathi Nelson and Jill Yesko have written a clear, complete, insightful guide to solving America’s growing photo problem

—Bill Shapiro

Former Editor-in-Chief of LIFE magazine and author of “What We Keep"

This book is a must for anybody who thinks about becoming a professional photo organizer! It’s not only a great guide for newbies but also full of valuable material for the more experienced photo managers. The numerous included downloads of practical resources such as checklists is a huge bonus and will be a great time-saver. Thanks Jill and Cathi!

—Chantal Imbach

From Photos In Order and DIY Photo Organising Podcast

An extremely helpful resource! There are a number of books on my bookshelf that I refer back to, time and time again. Books that are relevant, valuable, and practical. This book is now added to that list! A must-read for anyone embarking on, or established in, a business related to helping others organize their photos.

—Fiona McLauchlan Staff

From Photo Helper and DIY Photo Organising Podcast

There’s no better source for running a photo organizing business than Cathi Nelson. She practically has built photo organizing from a hobby to business practice. In this book, Cathi and Jill Yesko provide step-by-step actions to build a photo organizing career.

—Gary Pageau

Editor, The Dead Pixels Society

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